Bethel Lutheran church exists to make passionately growing disciples of Jesus!
To do so, we want to learn about Jesus. That means we read the Bible, have sermons based on the Bible, and have Bible studies, as well as the expectation that followers of Jesus will read the Bible each day.
  • We model Jesus. We are imitators of Jesus, so we think and speak like Jesus speaks and thinks. We act and live following the way Jesus acted and lived. In our everyday lives we follow Jesus.
  • We engage in our community, neighborhood, and world. God has placed us where He wants us, so we can be like Jesus to those around us, showing love and compassion to them.
  • We invest in our neighborhood. God placed Bethel on Northwest Highway for a reason, and He places our members in their homes, workplaces, and schools for a reason. We seek the good of the places God has put us.