Current Announcements

  • nullGarage Sale is on Saturday, March 30 from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. A storage unit is now available. Stop by the church office for the key. If you have large items or heavy furniture, please bring those donations or any other donations directly to the church gym the evening of Thursday, March 28 from 6:00-9:00 p.m. or Friday, March 29 from 9:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m. We will also gladly accept any donations of paper or plastic shopping bags and hangers for the sale. We need lots of volunteers so please look for the sign-up which will begin soon in the Narthex. All proceeds will benefit the Youth Fund. Contact the office for more info. Bethel Garage Sale items needed: Working consumer electronics (Computers - Windows 7 or newer, printers, flat screen monitors, speakers). Items that are not in working order or that have no resale value will be recycled prior to the garage sale. For instance, the items that have no resale value are: telephones, fax machines, scanners, broken and non-working electronics. Note: We can't accept TVs or computer monitors with a picture tube (we will actually have to PAY to have those disposed of). In the past, we couldn't even give them away for free from the start of the sale. Places to recycle your broken and no resale value electronics - the Hazardous Material recycling center on Plano Road (south of Forest) will take most consumer electronics with proof of residence in Dallas County. If outside of Dallas County, check your local city's recycling options.


  • nullBethel's music ministry is¬†always looking for new voices to add to our adult Voices of Praise choir, which practices each Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and sings twice a month in the 8:30 service. A subset of Voices of Praise is the Tenoba (tenor bass) choir, which sings once a month and practices on the Wednesday prior. The Bells of Praise bell choir is also seeking new ringers. They practice on Wednesdays at 6:30 and play once a month and on festivals. Contact Gil Abbott, director of these choirs, or Katie Jarrett, Director of Music Ministries, for more information.¬†


  • nullWhite Rock Center of Hope Donations: Don't forget that we accept donations for WRCoH on the first Sunday of every month. See this page for more information.


  • nullLaPaz Soccer at¬†Highland Meadows: Soccer for ages 8-14 meets on Thursdays from 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Highland Meadows Elementary School. If you would like to volunteer, please contact¬†
  • nullBethel is hosting the American Red Cross blood drive on Sunday, February 24 in the Gym from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Appointments can be made by visiting and using sponsor code bethellc. Please bring a photo ID and eat a good meal prior to donating.


  • Pastor Chrnullis Studying for Doctor of Ministry Degree:¬†The summer of 2018 marked Pastor Chris¬†Holder's 20th year in ministry.¬† In celebration of that milestone he has started a¬†Doctor of Ministry (DMIN) program through Gordon-Cromwell Theological Seminary with a¬†focus on ‚ÄúPastoral Ministry in Practice.‚Ä̬†His major thesis project will be on the subject of pastors and churches as catalysts for community transformation through strategic partnerships.¬†Read more about his experience on the Bethel¬†Blog.¬†Bethel has established a fund to help support Pastor Chris in his D-MIN studies, for more information on how you can help support his studies contact him directly at


  • nullHelp in Saving Postage Stamps for the ‚ÄúStamporee‚ÄĚ:¬†¬†Thanks go to all who have been donating your used/new postage stamps¬† to the ‚ÄúProject Stamporee‚ÄĚ. ‚ÄúProject Stamporee‚ÄĚ is Texas LWML‚Äôs program that allows us to gather postage stamps (U.S. and foreign) and prepare them so that stamp dealers are interested in the purchase of them.¬† THUS, we are able to have funding for shipping costs for Lutheran World Relief. Please place your stamps in the collection box on top of the greeting card counter near the drink machine.¬† Stamps should go in an envelope or plastic bag, or just placed loosely in the collection box.¬†PLEASE leave at least 1/4‚ÄĚ of paper around all 4 sides.¬† If stamps are torn, bent, or damaged in any way, they cannot be used at all. Contact Catherine Burkhard if there are questions or more information is needed. (There is also a brochure available on the LWML Display in the Narthex!)¬†


  • nullDonations for Lutheran World Relief: Fabric Kits are used by Lutheran World Relief (LWR) in vocational training programs teaching sewing, and for newly trained tailors to launch their sewing business. Each kit needs to contain 2 spools of matching or neutral thread, 250 - 300 yards each, and 2 pieces of fabric of cotton or cotton-blend (no knits) Each piece should match one of the following sizes.- 2 ¬ľ yards of 58" - 62" wide or 3 yards of 42" - 44" wide, or 4 yards of 34" - 37" wide fabric. Soap keeps hands clean, germs at bay, and helps people present themselves with dignity.¬† LWR accepts new bars of any brand soap, in their original wrapping.¬† All bar sizes are accepted, however bath sizes are highly preferred.¬† Last year we sent over 500 bars of soap from Bethel.¬† Let's aim for matching that generous amount this year.
  • To better facilitate the spiritual and ministry life of Bethel and under the direction of Council, a Spiritual Life Team has been formed. This is not a board of elected people, but a team of both men and women, staff and lay leaders, who have been asked to serve in this capacity. The Spiritual Life Team is currently working to consider how disciples at Bethel can best be equipped to carry out common ministry objectives based on Bethel's Mission and Vision. Mission: Growing Disciples of Jesus Who Serve Our Neighbors.¬†Vision: Connect, Grow, Serve: Bethel will be a community of people that connect to Jesus at His cross so that they may grow in faith as His disciples and serve others in response to His love.The Spiritual Life Team has now broken into four sub-teams that are working to better define the culture or cultures at Bethel. We are also evaluating and will be making suggestions for how Bethel can be most effective in the following four areas of ministry: Worship Life and Care, Human Care & Follow Up, Community Service and Missions, Spiritual Growth and Discipleship. For more information contact Pastor Chris.


  • Narthex Coffee on Sundays: We are now accepting volunteers to set up and clean up coffee¬†in the Narthex on Sunday mornings. This could be a group of people who alternate duties and weeks. If you are interested or for more information, contact the church office¬†or sign up on the sheet by the coffee.


  • nullThe Tuesday Theology on tap group meets¬†at 6:30 p.m. at Old Chicago at 635 and Centerville in Garland.¬† We will be starting our new study going through the book of Mark. Contact¬†¬†for more information.


  • Plastic Grocery Bags and Coats: Please continue saving your plastic grocery bags for Millie Gomoll and her team who make the sleeping mats for the homeless. Bags may be taken to the Music Suite or the Narthex. This group is also collecting used coats of any size to give to the homeless.¬†


  • Box Tops for Highland Meadows Elementary: There is now a box in the narthex for you to deposit box tops for education for the PTA of Highland Meadows Elementary. Thank you for collecting
  • nullLWML Mite Box in Narthex: Please don't forget to drop your change in¬†the large mite box on the small LWML display along the wall in the Narthex.¬†Completion of LWML Mission Grants depends on what's gathered via Mite¬†Boxes.¬† Thank you!